Photography by Nick Carr Edited by Yuki Iwama

Photography by Nick Carr
Edited by Yuki Iwama

Bee is a misogynistic, homophobic, agoraphobic writer with a drinking problem. He lives with his sister Tee who is a liberal, open-minded artist who cares for him. Their mother is the dark shadow looming over their shoulders, haunting them. When Bee gets a life-changing phone call, chaos ensues.

See CUNT @ Mudfest in the Union Theatre/Melbourne University:
MONDAY 24th August: 5pm
MONDAY 24th August: 9pm
TUESDAY 25th: 2pm
TUESDAY 25th: 9pm

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TRIGGER WARNING: rape, sexual abuse, animal cruelty, drugs, alcohol, incest, suicide


PREVIEW: ‘Prince’s People’ Original Pilot Screenplay by Yuki Iwama

Link to PDF: Prince’s People-(Pilot)

Premise: In the near future, in a different dimension, humans are used for meat, material goods, hunting, pets, and slave labour – these people are the Stockans. Theodore Prince is the only son and heir to the Prince fortune and business in the Stockan trade. He lives in ambivalence until he meets Na’in, a beautiful Stockan rights activist. The fight between the corporate dogs fueling the Stockan trade and the activists struggling to free the oppressed peoples turns into a personal war for Theodore Prince after tragedy strikes, and he decides to go up against his father and his father’s biggest rival in the Stockan trade – Kurosawa. But in the midst of a social revolution, the looming Third World War threatens the existence of the entire human race.